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Awakening through Bellydance


According to research, Bellydance was originally danced as a devotional practice, sharing love with the creator through movement. The dance form was to worship and greet the divine. Even though Bellydance is now performed in modern times as entertainment and exercise, the roots of this art will always have its essence in spirituality.

In some cultures and stylisations, dance is still used as a devotional practice and carried out to make blessings and ward off evil. Story is told in motion, and gestures are symbolic to the metaphysical practices. In Ancient Egyptian times paintings indicate women dancing with the hips and torso which appear to be curvaceous and wavy. They are also depicted wearing minimum clothing, with emphasis on the hip belt and jewellery. They are moving their hips, hands and other body parts to depicting meaningful customs in a communion of sisterhood.

Harnessing devotional dance

We have the gift of will and the choice to harness awareness. We can choose to direct energy and facilitating a dance ritual into life can be a magical practice of awakening. Blessing and meditating with pure spirit the dance may be devoted to something greater than I, the perceived self and to a greater energy.

As our roots connect to our ancestral line and access all that is, has been and will be through the dance, many of our body chakras are opened and shaken, lifting to the surface what may have been dormant in the dark, bringing it into light with love, acceptance and transmutation. Through this dance form many have found that they have discovered life changing experiences, health and joy. The dance may be a unique engagement for everyone, something many will encounter is greater Presence. Being in one’s body. Feeling grounded and associated, embracing the earthy flow and sensuality of being.

Source: Wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

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